Research interests: Ever since my introduction to atomic physics in high school, I have been interested in understanding the intricacies of nature. During my final undergraduate years, I developed a passion for helping to solve the energy problem. I feel that this passion gives my interest a sense of purpose. In grad school, I hope to delve into thermal physics and look into various alternative techniques that can harvest waste energy. During my senior year at Texas A&M University, I briefly worked on automating a variable aperture for a solar reactor designed to thermally crack methane for hydrogen production. While I was a Masters’ student at the University of Michigan, I ventured into the alluring nanoscale regime for the first time at the Nanoscale Transport Lab. I worked on designing a novel probe based technique for thermal infrared near-field spectroscopy. At Georgia Tech, I am currently exploring a few projects that involve energy harvesting or cooling.

Hobbies: Art has been a long lasting passion since high school. I have won over a hundred national and international painting competitions. These days, it has been relegated to a doodle during my down time. I also love to read as much as I can, whenever I can. Over the past couple years, I have developed an interest in fitness. Some of my more recent hobbies include Muay Thai, badminton and learning to play the guitar.

Aravindh Rajan
PhD Student
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