Research Interests: My research focuses on thermal radiation and micro- and nanoscale heat transfer, especially related with applications for energy conversion and harvesting systems. I began working on energy science through my undergrad experience at Zhejiang University. During my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, I worked on designing and optimizing a solid state cooling device based on the thermoelectric and electrocaloric effects. My current research projects include developing models for near- and far-field radiative thermoelectric energy conversion (RTEC) devices; and experimentally realizing the design, and improving the performance of, a device with various photonic techniques

Hobbies: Expanding both the physical and mental limits of humans is interesting and meaningful to me. I am an enthusiast of wide range of sports. I have ran marathon twice and I also play soccer every week. I also love traveling and reading, and I have been practicing my photography skills since my undergrad. Recently, I am intrigued by playing drums.

Co-Advised by: Prof. Zhoumin Zhang

Dudong (Frank) Feng
PhD Student
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