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Prof. Shannon Yee

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Lab members also know how to have a good time. Check out our lab socials:

  • BBQ at the Yees
    Prof. Yee (grill master for the night) and his wife Felicitee hosted the lab for BBQ and beer....
  • Yeelab dukes it out at paintball
    The lab spent the day shooting paintballs and hiding behind pipes (only for strategic purposes). No STEEL members were harmed during the making of this social. Well, almost....
  • 2016 Lab Holiday Party
    The lab had it’s annual holiday party on the 10th of December. The members had a white elephant gift exchange and a potluck....
  • Bar Trivia
    Bar Trivia! Members of the lab will often get together and give their hand at bar trivia. Though they’ll miss questions about obscure British socialites, such as Claus von Bülow, or what movies an actress who they’ve never heard of has been in, any questions pertaining to science are a slam dunk!...

Shannon Yee's lab in the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions (CNES) Laboratory

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